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Erin Littlechief

Erin is the Lead Early Childhood Developmental Technician in our infant classroom. She is working toward a degree in Elementary Education at Northeastern State University and expects to graduate in May, 2020. She sought a job at KULA because she believed it would be a great way to get experience working with children while pursuing her degree. In Erin’s spare time, she enjoys drawing, playing with her son and going to the park. When asked what super-human power she would possess, if possible, she said she would love to have the ability to fly.

Chelsey Morris

Chelsey is a Lead Early Childhood Developmental Technician in a preschool room. She has a really fun attitude and is always making learning fun. She teaches the children functional tasks and teaches them strategies that helps them be more independent, all while making them feel comfortable and loved. She enjoys music and uses it to get kids involved in group activities, so don’t be surprised if you walk in her room and see a dance party! Chelsey has received training in Handwriting Without Tears, transitioning, autism and interacting with children. When asked what super-human power she would possess, if possible, she said it would be mind reading.

Micah Rego

Micah is a Early Childhood Developmental Specialist. She is married with two children. She earned Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Arts in Teaching degrees from the University of Arkansas. Professionally, she is known for systems building. In her personal time, she loves to read and play games with her children. She also loves to cook and bake. If she could possess one super-human power it would be telekinesis.

Julie Kinsey

Julie is the Lead Early Childhood Developmental Technicianin a pre-school room. She is married and has one son, Bentley. She attended the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith for education courses. Julie is good with kids and tries to make their days as fun as possible. In her personal life, she enjoys spending time with her family. She is very involved in her church and works with the pre-kindergarten children there as well. And, she loves to volunteer her time with the fire department in her home town. When asked what super-human power she would possess, if possible, she said she would love to clone herself so she could stay home with her son and still work with the children in her classroom at the same time!

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